No Box Thinking ® with Dinah Liversidge

Learning a new mindset language by listening to others

March 28, 2021 Dinah Liversidge Season 2021 Episode 29
No Box Thinking ® with Dinah Liversidge
Learning a new mindset language by listening to others
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Who do you find has a positive language that always uplifts you?
Who do you love listening to? Are you aware who they listen to?

I’m Dinah Liversidge and I’m a Coach and Trainer, a Celebrant and co-host of The Charcoal Hut, a woodland cabin in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire. I’m also a no-box-thinker. I believe when we stop trying to ‘think outside the box’ we take away labels and limitations that were always an illusion. There never was a box.

I love being a Coach, a Celebrant and a Host. All these aspects of my life help me achieve that illusive ‘work-life balance’ so many seem to be striving for. Join me in Myddfai in our woodland garden for a #MyddfaiMinute and listen to one minute of birdsong. I hope it brings you some peace.

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Speaker 1:

Hi there I'm Dianella Liversidge and welcome to my no box thinking podcast. This month in my series of 10 short podcasts, I've been talking about the language of mindset, the language we tell ourselves, the way we talk to ourselves, the things we say or repeat about ourselves, all make up our mindset language, and have a huge impact on how we feel, how we behave, the results that we can achieve. And today I wanted to talk a bit about a way to support your mindset language by listening to the language that other people around you are using. Now, a great place to start with this is actually to look at other people's timeline. I talked in previous months about creating your own timeline, muting negativity, unfollowing, or even unfriending or connecting people who bring well melodrama and crisis constantly to your timeline. Well , I didn't courage you to think about the people, you know, who always seem to be in a great mindset. Those people, you know, who are always learning, always embracing an opportunity to listen to somebody else and learn from that, go and look at who do they follow on social media who's posts. Are they sharing or commenting on? And are those people a positive language user that you would like to see more of in your timeline? You know, it's rare that we take the time to look at other people's social media, because we're kind of so consumed by our own way, but they've gone out of their way to create a timeline, just like you have. So if you find them uplifting, it would be great to know who they find uplifting. One of my favorite questions when I meet people often virtually of course nowadays, but when I meet people for a one to one is to ask them, so who are you listening to podcast wise at the moment? Or whose YouTube channel do you follow? And when they tell me, I always follow up by asking what it is about those people. Why did you choose that particular one? And could you recommend anybody else who makes you feel that way or inspires you the way you've just described their language is supporting the mindset that you see and admire or wish to emulate. So the language that they're hearing is reinforcing the language they're probably telling or learning to tell themselves. And you know, that's another big thing to remember here. There are days where you're going to revert to the old language, to being negative with yourself, to perhaps keeping yourself small or talking yourself out of something. And that's okay. That's real and normal. I have days like that. And I often now set and think maybe this is why I find it fascinating and also easy to learn and share about mindset because I am so aware that my own goes on, that you know , ever changing journey. It's a big roller coaster. Anybody who's telling you at the moment, day in and day out, that their world is fine. It is either lying to you and themselves, or is just in a mindset where they're completely delusional about reality because nobody, absolutely nobody is feeling fine. So I'd love to know who you find that helps you support a different language for your mindset. Please share resources with me. I love to spread those through my network and say to people, Hey, have you heard this great story or comment or podcast, or have you read this blog or watch this short video? Because we all would benefit from hearing and ball positive, supportive, encouraging, nurturing language for our mindset. You could share them with me on Twitter at Dana liberos edge or come and find my website, diner and contact me through there. Thanks for listening. Do share the podcast with others and do remember you can stop trying to think outside the box. There really is no box.