No Box Thinking ® with Dinah Liversidge

Change is a Mindset issue! What if you decided to change your attitude to change?

April 07, 2021 Dinah Liversidge Season 2021 Episode 31
No Box Thinking ® with Dinah Liversidge
Change is a Mindset issue! What if you decided to change your attitude to change?
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What if you decided to change the story you tell yourself about your ability to change? 
This month, I'm focusing on change and how we can change our mindset about it.

I’m Dinah Liversidge and I’m a Coach and Trainer, a Celebrant and co-host of The Charcoal Hut, a woodland cabin in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire. I’m also a no-box-thinker. I believe when we stop trying to ‘think outside the box’ we take away labels and limitations that were always an illusion. There never was a box.

I love being a Coach, a Celebrant and a Host. All these aspects of my life help me achieve that illusive ‘work-life balance’ so many seem to be striving for. Join me in Myddfai in our woodland garden for a #MyddfaiMinute and listen to one minute of birdsong. I hope it brings you some peace.

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Speaker 1:

Hi there. I'm Diana Leversedge. Thanks for joining me on my no box thinking podcast this month in my series of 10 minute short podcasts, I'm going to be talking about change because change and how we feel about it is most definitely a mindset issue. So today I wanted to start by asking what, if you decided to change your story about your ability to change? Isn't it interesting? The stories we tell ourselves, the things we say, like I'm really not very good at change. I don't like change very much change worries me. You know, the funny thing about all those sentences is if it wasn't for change, you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't be the person you are, you would still be at home with parents, whatever that looked like as a child for you, you'd still be that person dependent on others, not able to make your own decisions and certainly not earning your own living because change is the thing that has allowed us to evolve, to grow up to form opinions, to have ethics and values, to have hopes and dreams and goals, none of which could be achieved without our absolute fundamental ability to change. So if you're listening today, then congratulations, your change. Success rate is a hundred percent. You've made it this far on a journey that is all about change. So think about the story you tell yourself, where does that come from? What experience of change have you kind of pinned everything on and said, yup , that's me. That's what change feels like and looks like in my world. How about instead of focusing on that episode, you think about the last six cessful change that you made. It could be something really simple. Maybe you changed your mind at the last minute about joining a networking call. Maybe you changed your mind and turn on yours in your zoom camera. When you were talking to someone, instead of leaving, it turned off, maybe you changed your hair style . As hairdressers are starting re reopening. Maybe you changed your routine because 2020 really caused most of us to have to do that. Didn't it ? The thing is you have a track record of making change, but you're telling yourself if you're saying I'm not great at change, I don't like change. You're telling yourself about one particular occurrence that was negative. And you're forgetting all the times you've done brilliantly with change. My whole life has been defined by moments of change, where myself, my family, whether that's myself and my husband or our daughter and us, or even nowadays my mother-in-law and us, because she lives in the Woodland that we own here. It's been a part of our story. And often as a kind of family unit or as a team, we've had to sit down and say, so what do we do about this latest, slightly dramatic change? And when I look back on the decisions we took on the way we responded, I'm really proud of what we've achieved and how far we've come. Does that mean it was easy? Absolutely not. Sometimes it was a huge challenge, but of course the greater the challenge, the more proud I am of the fact that we did it, we made it, we got through without throttling each other. And as the wonderful Ayana Castro would say without letting the shenanigans kind of be the star of our change story. So think about your story of change. What could you, you know, what's coming? What could you change in that story to help you start to tell yourself how good you are at change, how much you embrace it and how well you run with that. I'd love to know how you're going to change your story. Do connect with me on Twitter at diner Leversedge or through my website, Dana I really look forward to hearing from you and do join me on the next episode where we're going to be talking about how great change can be. I look forward to talking with you then bye for now. And remember, you don't need to try and think outside the box. There is no box.